Emmy Laybourne ain't afraid to refer to herself in the third person.

She's a former character actress (Superstar, The In-Laws) who is now writing novels and screenplays, and occasionally does author visits to schools to talk about the thing she loves best in the world: story structure. 

Okay, that statement is probably not entirely accurate. She loves her family more than story structure. And her friends. Also, she really loves her writing studio, a small office rented from a teacher’s college. She also is crazy for blackberries - the fruit, not the ancient telecommunication device. 

Actually, there are a lot of things she loves more than story structure. There’s singing. And there’s typing THE END on a manuscript. Also, typing the words CHAPTER ONE on a new manuscript. 

And she knows she has already mentioned blackberries, but really - have you ever had a perfectly ripe blackberry, not cold from the fridge, but just sitting on your kitchen counter? Maybe on a pretty plate? It makes you wish you had wings so you could fly up into space and thank the sun for being a part of photosynthesis.


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