Is there going to be a movie of Monument 14?

We're getting closer and closer! We have a great script, a terrific director (Sandy Widyanatta) and the production company (Strange Weather) is pushing hard to get financing lined up, etc. Read more details here.

Can I audition for the movie?

I really want to have open casting calls across the country, so that's what I'll push for. It's not up to me, and I wouldn't have any say in the matter. But if we do open casting calls, I will announce it on my newsletter - so I'd sign up if I were you.

Will there be any more books in the Monument 14 or Sweet worlds?

At this time I don't have any plans to continue with new books set in those worlds. But I'm considering writing some short stories and novellas set in the world of M14. Let me know on social if you think that's a good idea!

If you have a question BESIDES those ones, ask me below!