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Here are links to some of my favorite interviews.  (Hint: If you're doing a report on me for school - this is a great place to start!)

Big Box: ‘Monument 14’ and ‘No Safety in Numbers’ By Jennifer Hubert Swan, New York Times Book Review

Emmy Laybourne Author Spotlight with Graham Marks, Hachette UK

Mike Malone's Books and Beer Podcast with Emmy as a special guest

7 Things I’ve Learned So Far by Emmy Laybourne

Dear Teen Emmy Laybourne from dearteenme.com

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It - Now Where To Hide?! - Quiz Emmy wrote for bookishantics.com

5 YA Books That Get Real About Body Diversity an article Emmy wrote for Bustle.com


In the summer of 2015, I was invited to speak at Ted X George School. It was such an honor - and so much fun!

I gave a talk about how crazy in love I am with story structure, and why I think all kids nowadays need to be fluent in digital technology. My talk is entitled, "Digital Natives Must Be Creatives" and it's a nice little preview of what my school visits are like...




My fourth novel SWEET is a wonderfully strange little piece of work. I like to joke that it's the only romantic comedy/adventure/disaster/ISSUE book on the market. But it's true -- SWEET is a wild ride, but it also has a heart. I've suffered from body issues my whole life, and with addiction to sugar. So I thought I would write a heartfelt letter to all the readers of the book, in case anything I have to say might be helpful or encouraging. But when I started writing it, I realized that the only person I felt right talking to was... myself.

So here is a letter I wrote to 16 year old Emmy. Yep, that's her in the glasses.


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I wrote a companion short story for each of my books. I would love to hear what you think!


The audience loved every single second
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Do you live near NYC? Come meet me at Spine Out - the literary event I host and produce. It's such a good show. We are currently expanding the show into a podcast, in addition to a live show. 

Here's the website: www.spine-out.com.