Emmy would love to come visit your school - or speak at your festival!

Emmy spent a day with our school, and, let me tell you, when Emmy does an author visit, she does it right.
— Lynn Paul, Director of Batten Library - Norfolk Academy
Extraordinarily engaging and dynamic, Emmy delighted students, alumni, and faculty alike when she interspersed her lesson on the importance of story structure with amusing anecdotes from her life. Fabulous!
— Karen Suplee Hallowell, Director of Alumni Relations - George School
Emmy was an ideal featured speaker for Derry Author Festival. Her fun and positive energy put the audience at ease, and her presentations were informative as well as engaging. One of the attendees commented on how Emmy seemed like an old friend come to visit, while another said she was a “breath of fresh air.”
— Erin Moulton, Derry Author Festival

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You can also email Emmy's assistant directly, if you prefer. She's SUPER, CRAZY nice. And also very helpful. Melissa Jolly -  melissa@authorrx.com