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  • When a Norwegian family discovers they have ancient Viking powers, disaster strikes! Chase your favorite characters through this book and with this incredible aroma inspired by Montana’s rugged mountainous terrain during blizzard season! Top notes of snow-capped evergreens with a melody of windblown laundry and tobacco underneath, a wonderfully clean and masculine scent! Pair with Berserker, by Emmy Laybourne.
  • The excitement continues with this sequel to Emmy Laybourne’s Berserker! Find yourself on a small-town farm in rural Montana and you may strike gold! Imagine yourself on a clear autumn day, strolling through the wheat fields, soaking in the sun. This warm and spicy blend of amber wheat fields, cinnamon, and cloves inspire a home-sweet-home sensation. Pair with Ransacker, by Emmy Laybourne.
  • This scent is a tribute to the brother of the Berserker and the Ransacker in Emmy Laybourne’s Nytteson duology. Storm Rends have an ancient power bestowed by the Norse Gods—they can rouse storms to fill the sails of the Viking warships. Ride out stormy times with the heartening scents of a mahogany boat, stormy skies, and a delicious hint of sea salt. Pair with either Berserker or Ransacker, by Emmy Laybourne.
  • It's the end of the world! Well, most of it at least. Transport yourself into the superstore from Emmy Laybourne’s best-seller, Monument 14! Roam the store in search of food and you’ll find some twinkies, burnt coffee, and mischief! We’ve crammed in all the best post-apocalyptic snacks into this survive the end of the world fragrance! Pair with Monument 14, by Emmy Laybourne.
  • Set sail on your Caribbean cruise adventure! Lather the sunscreen on, grab your favorite book and towel, and head to the sun deck to soak up some marvelous rays! For lunch, nibble on some lemon cookies and mint mojitos—it’s vacation. Caution, this fragrance is highly addictive… Pair with Sweet, by Emmy Laybourne.
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