Official Bookish Merch

  • A magical bangle bracelet, featuring a detailed metal stamped Norse rune and two crystal beads. It is simple, minimalistic, and very elegant. It is also adjustable and can be easily widened or tightened to better fit the wearer. Choose from the runes listed, or message me for a unique rune just for you!
    • Rune of strength and growth (similar to the letter "F")
    • Rune of new beginnings (similar to the letter "B")
    • Rune of motion and energy (similar to the letter "M")
    • Rune of emotions and revelation (similar to an upside letter "L")
  • An author’s flight, in candle form! Each candle was hand-crafted in collaboration with Emmy Laybourne, author of Berserker, Ransacker, Monument 14, and Sweet. Each set comes with an author’s note for the recipient! This set makes a great gift for fans and readers all over!
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