So, it’s my birthday today.

Yep, 49 years ago today I came into the world.

I’m spending some time today reflecting on my life, how I’m doing, what it’s all about! And I have to say, I’m pretty excited.

As rough and crazy as the world is right now, I’m striking out in a creative direction that feels challenging, promising, and inspiring. I’m taking a big risk – and I’m announcing this to you, on my birthday, because I’m hoping you’ll come along for the ride:

What’s the podcast about?

It’s a 30 minute improvised comedy. Here’s the premise: A chemical manufacturing company is in trouble when a “burn log” dissing employees and customers is leaked to the press. An eager assistant and her reluctant cubicle-mate host a podcast to prove that most of the company’s employees are kind, interesting people, but their meddling unearths more scandal.
The tone lives between Waiting For Guffman and The Office.

I am directing, producing, and acting in it! Yes, it’s my first time acting in many years!

Check out our brilliant cast:

Hear the trailer for my new podcast!

Are you missing my voice? Listen to the trailer for Workplace Comedy Podcast! Even if you’re not missing the sound of my voice, give it a listen!

I’m ridiculously excited about this show. It’s warm, goofy, funny — everything I like in my comedy.

Want to help me out in a big way?
Subscribe right now on Apple – or follow us on Spotify – or BOTH.
Every single subscriber is like a vote saying, “I believe in this show and want it to stick around.”

A Female-led project!

My co-producer is a smart, hard-working, all-around-delightful young woman named Lauren Dunitz. We’ll be working with a female audio editor. Our publicist is Holley Jacobson, out of El Paso, Texas. And my brilliant friend Tracy Vilar and I (pictured here in 2000) will co-host a female-led cast!

Some Backstory

Some of you only know me as a Young Adult author, so you don’t know my roots as a comedy improviser. Others reading this are old friends and colleagues – you guys will remember that out of college I joined an improv group and then began creating my own comedy characters and bits. I wrote several comedy plays – and it was after Lorne Michaels came to see my one-woman-show, Smorgasbourne, that I was cast in the SNL movie, Superstar, wayyy back in 1998!

I set aside my acting because I found that when my kids came along, I needed work I could do at home. Writing novels was the perfect fit for me – it provided me with solitude and a deeply creative experience – and I could still be there to pick up the kids from school.

As my kids have gotten older I found myself missing the electric connection of being on set, of collaborating with other actors, most of all – the incomparable high that comes from making people laugh.

So it’s with great joy that I undertake this new project. Am I nervous? Folks, I’m terrified! But it’s how I want to feel – I’m excited and I’m amped up and I can’t wait to get to work and see if I can bring into the world the project that is living so fully in my imagination.

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading this long post! I’m excited, as you can tell, and I feel thankful to be able to share this moment with you.

I’m looking forward to sharing something delightful with you and making you laugh!