Headed towards a dream


It’s time to let you in on some pretty big changes that have been happening over at my house: my husband, kids, and I are moving to Los Angeles this summer.

Greg and I met in LA back in 1999. I was an actor and he was a film editor. Years later in 2008, after we married and had kids, we moved east so Greg could go to Parsons School of Design. We moved to Chestnut Ridge, NY so our kids could go to the Green Meadow Waldorf School. We wound up finding a wonderful community at Green Meadow. It’s such a wonderful community, in fact, that we ended up staying eleven years!

But as lovely as it is here, my dreams involve making films and television based on my books and ideas. I love screenwriting and I love collaborating with actors, other writers, and producers. I really, really miss it. (I assure you I’ll continue to write books, but I will simultaneously be pitching them for the screen.)

The call of the dream is loud and persistent enough to pull us away from our dear friends, and the house we’ve renovated, and all the beauty living in the Lower Hudson Valley has brought us.

There have been lots of questions so I put together a handy FAQ. Scroll down to the bottom for it.

You’re moving to LA?!?!


But do you even like it in LA?

Yes! My husband and I met there and we love LA — the weather! The beach! The world-class restaurants! Plus we’ve got tons of family and friends out west.

But you know about the traffic, right? 

Yes. We know. It’s brutal.

But I don’t get it, you’ve worked so long to be a YA author, are you just giving that up?

No way! I’m going to continue to write books. My publication schedule will probably slow down, but that’s okay, my fans will stick around, right?

Yes. We will read anything you write, Emmy. We fully support you always. But can I ask you – aren’t you scared?

Sometimes I do feel scared. But I was raised to have big ambition and I’ve worked hard to have the skills and knowledge I need to go confidently toward the call of my dreams. Plus, I have an incredibly supportive family. With their backing, I feel I can do anything. Also, there are some great books and online resources helping me. (You know what, I will do a future newsletter on the resources I’m relying on right now as I make this huge leap. This stuff is too good to keep to myself!)

Where will you live? 

In a rental in Santa Monica for the first couple years. Then we’ll buy. Maybe in the Valley.

Are you selling your house?

Yep. Are you in the market? Talk to our realtor…

WAIT! Does all this mean you will finally get Monument 14 made into a movie?

Dude, this is basically why I’m moving! I’m going to pitch the heck out of it, with an eye towards getting it on TV.

Okay, now I get it. Good luck, Emmy! You have my blessing!

That’s awfully nice of you, fictional reader. You’re a sweetie.