Hello my friends,

Many thanks to everyone who helped me to launch and celebrate my new book, Ransacker. We got some great press and there were lovely crowds at all the events. I’m truly grateful to all of you who bought the book and/or came out to party!

I’ve been working on a couple projects that I’m burning to tell you about. While I still need to be a bit cautious about sharing the details, here’s a little confession:

I’ve been screenwriting again.

Yep! I just can’t resist.

Those of you familiar with my history know that I have an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA. And while I enjoy writing novels, I also really love writing for TV and film. So I’ve decided to focus my energy on getting my books adapted for the screen.

I plan to spend a good amount of time this year pitching my books as TV series out in LA. The first step is to write a couple top-notch sample scripts that show what I can do.

I’m working right now on an original one-hour drama. I’m calling it HOMESTEADERS. It’s a post-apocalyptic series set in a future where drug-resistant diseases have ravaged the world population. Here’s the logline: after a teen girl fights to be selected for a secret government experiment, the project abandons her in the wilderness so that she must fight for survival and to be reunited with mankind.

What do you think? I have to tell you, I’m really enjoying the writing process and it’s coming along beautifully. (And yes, I am finding myself playing with the idea of writing it as a book at the same time as I write it as a screenplay.) I’ll keep you posted as the project develops!

If you’d like to get to know the mood of the project, listen to the writing playlist I’ve created on Spotify. I work with extensive playlists when I write. To read more about how I use music to inspire me and set the mood, check out this blog post.