I wanted to share with you a tool that almost every author I know uses. This tool is mentioned time and time again when I talk with other novelists at panels and festivals,  yet, I’m not sure that everybody knows about it.

It’s music.

Many authors, myself included, cultivate extensive playlists we use to listen to as we draft our novels. Not only do we have playlists for each of our books, we have special playlists to set the mood for certain types of scenes.

For example, with Berserker, in addition to a general writing playlist, I have:

I play a song to begin each writing session. I find music is so emotionally resonant that it immediately puts me into the scene. My brain fires up and opens up, as if I’ve had a double espresso.

Many of my favorite songs to write to have a strong rhythmic drive.  The rhythm of the music helps me stay in the saddle as I write.  Frequently, when working on a pivotal scene in a book I will put a song on repeat. I get into a bit of a trance, where I’m not really hearing the song, but it helps keep me in the emotional tone of the scene.

Here’s the really cool thing you can do with this information — you can read to it.

Did you give in to my many requests and reminders and buy yourself a copy of Berserker?

Well, as you read it, listen to this playlist. You will hear the soundtrack I used when writing it!

Here’s a closer look…

You can check out the rest of my writing playlists on my Spotify profile, and search out other authors you enjoy. I bet they’re on there!

I’m sending this off, then I’m going to get my hair blown-out and go to a launch party for Berserker. Today’s a special day for me, and all the more so because of the supportive community we have built together.

With love and thanks,